pre-Engineering with LEGO WeDo Robotics

Kids, come join us and have fun building with LEGOs and experiment with engineering solutions to some fun problems!

Program To Learn is proud to present yet another new and exciting course for children between the ages of 6 and 9!
While using a LEGO WeDo Robotics Construction Set, our pre-Engineering class introduces robotics to young children.  Your child will learn about mechanical design while manipulating motors and sensors.  Each participant will be teamed with a partner to utilize a laptop computer to program their models.  Each day will present a new design challenge, stimulating your child's creativity.

This is an excellent opportunity for children to get hands-on experience while having a whole lot of FUN with LEGOs.

Our introductory course is a great way to prepare creative minds for Program To Learn's series of robotics courses.

No prior experience is necessary.

Ages: 6 - 9
Prerequisites: none

Instructors: Program To Learn